Based on the above background, sp-one came into being, sp-one, Super one, transliterated as Super play. SparkGame Studio is a series of games based on the underlying technology of blockchain. Currently scheduled games are super play series: crucible guild, super play series: eye of magic, super play series: legion of knights, and super play series: empire of glory. Every time a main game is launched, there will also be one or two companion games online. There is a rich gameplay experience in the game, and at the same time, a lot of benefits can be gained.


Sp-one ecology is a game community that allows game advertisers, publishers, developers, users (players) and other roles to participate in and jointly govern. The governance rules and economic system are agreed and managed based on block chain technology, forming a flatter and more reasonable game business ecology.

Technology brief

The architecture is a technology platform based on blockchain technology that integrates r&d, operation, distribution, trading and community. In order to solve some outstanding problems in the game ecological scene, such as system robustness, functional completeness, system scalability, security and ease of use, the framework adopts layered architecture, cloud chain combination, consensus algorithm optimization, container choreography, micro-service architecture and elastic and scalable distributed cloud storage technology. The architecture consists of hybrid cloud base layer, Docker container layer, block chain underlying technology layer, service layer and application layer.

Development path

2020 Q2
Completed the technical feasibility study and verification of sp-one and released sp-one white paper V1.0 by |Completed the global first batch of 100,000 players user accumulation | "super play series: furnace guild" warm-up launchOpen SGS assets | open SPB assets | the first companion game launched | open point card agent mechanismOpen game asset management and auction trading system
2020 Q4
Open SGS asset trading | open SPM assetsSuper play series: knights of the legion preheat launch | third companion game launchSuccessively landed 3-5 exchanges | sp-one test online line | established sp-one game fund
2020 Q3
Open SGS pool node rights entrustment mechanism | open "super play series: furnace union" OTC functionCompleted the global first round 1 million users explosive growthSuper play series: eye of magic pre-launch | second companion game launched
2021 Q1
"Super play series: glory empire" pre-launch | fourth companion game launched | sp-one Chain releasedSp-one Chain main network 1.0 officially launched | release of the sp-one Chain block browserRelease sp-one Chain main network wallet | open SGS/SPB/SPM main network asset mapping.